Cook with Love~ "SOUL FOOD"

I suppose this is one of the many reasons the holidays are so super special. REMINDER: Cook with love

It is what separates good food from mere fuel. When you cook with a positive intention you radiate that into those you share it with!

(Something we practiced for yoga teacher training that really resonated with me)

Sometimes we eat just to eat without a thought or concern. It's like an expectation, which not everyone is so lucky to be given (Im totally guilty of this, especially when I am starving!!) Yet, the more you actually take a moment to think about the energetics that play into all of Life, we too can play a vital role in adding to the energy in which we consume, as well. As we eat that green leafy salad or those grapes (that so conveniently we can buy at the store) think about the effort the Earth (and Elements of the Universe) have given to produce such a miraculous and vital gift to bring you that nourishment. Mind blowing right?! Take a moment to think about this. And if we have a poor attitude while making our food or complaining while we are preparing it this could give us a bad taste in our mouths (literally lol!) and possibly even digest just as bad. Now change your perspective and try these little tips to create a much more positive experience with your food…..

Tip of the Day>>

As you prepare your food, whether it be a simple sandwich or a 3 hour prep of a 3 course meal...

  •  Take the time to honor where your food came from. 
  • Pour love into your food with gratitude knowing that this will nourish your body (and for those that you share it with).
  • Maybe even send a little prayer into your food with conscious awareness for the energy that will go into your body.
  • Before eating, admire the creation before you with gratitude.