ARE YOU READY FOR THE #warriorfittransformation challenge!

As always, I share little helpful tips to stay on track with those I coach, water is super vital in keeping balance in the body and to help flush out! @teamlifestyleelite encourages us to focus on our water intake for this week! Going back to old school routines using this fun little trick that one of my teammates taught me when I first started mycleansing journey 2 years ago. To keep track use 4 hair things (used Brynns 😂), or guys can use rubber bands, on your 32oz water bottle, every time you fill up-take one off and when they are all gone you got a GALLON of water in for the day! Yea I know! This crazy awesome technique has helped wonders not having to worry or stress about another extra thing ("what # am I on?" Lol) Stay hydrated folks and join the challenge!!😜👏🏻💪🏻🏻️
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