Buddy System | Accountability is a requirement

My little running buddy this am🏃👶 


When you don't have the desire to go outside in the cold, put on your workout clothes, or hear loud music as you pounce away at the pavement sometimes it helps to follow the buddy system. Call a friend to motivate you to get up off your butt, ask your husband, girlfriend, or mom to encourage you, or my ultimate favorite…sign up for a race with a bunch of people (I prefer joining empowering mommy race groups) to hold you accountable. If it weren't for my half-marathon around the corner, I may not have had the motivation to bundle up this munchkin, while she was playing so peacefully with her baby dolls, to get my miles in. She always has such a blast in the jogger so it sure does help me having one of the cutest running buddies on the block! :) 

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