Mindful Eating {Sure Sounds Nice!}

mindful eating

Wish it could be this simple..Mindful eating sounds REALLY nice but sometimes the reality is that at least one of the kids are tugging on my legs, I ALWAYS have some form of play-doh, lego's, barbies, or baby dolls all around me (unavoidable), it is the total opposite of quiet {LOTS OF QUESTIONS AND WHINING}, and I'm lucky if I get the chance to sit at all (bah!), totally multitasking at it's finest in the am {to get Sky's lunch packed, food in THEIR bellies, AND make sure she doesn't miss the bus} lmao! {Mommy Rant} Soooo... my go to is usually a super convenient on the go undenatured protein shake loaded with greens to slurp down along with my fav low acidic coffee to get me going for the day while I'm rushing to do a million things at once and get out of the door. So much for mindful eating.... but at least I'm being smart to nourish with the goods and not avoiding it all together right? LOLOL #mommyconfessions#mindfuleatingsoundswonderful #toddlerlife #sahm#mompreneur #alwaysonthego #neveradullmoment#dinnersareevenbetterlmao#wouldntchangeitfortheworld#mybeautifulchaoticlife #lovemygirls#thankfulforshakes