Simple Snacking | Avocado Dip

Who says healthy snacking can't be delicious? Want a yummy and nutritious snack? Cut up some ripe avocados, chop up red onions, tomatoes squeeze in some lime or lemon juice, add some salt and pepper..and VOILA! 



Grab your favorite chips, my preference is the gluten free Nut-thins or Brown rice cakes and enjoy!

*Also super delish inside a hard boiled egg white!

(ps. Kiddos Love it too!)

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Healthy Mornings Made Easy

Love all the support on my company and team's private fb pages but i especially am obsessed with the "YUM" one because of all these amazzzinggg ideas for recipes!!! Can't wait to add these to the list of deliciousness!!! 

Get Creative with your Food!

Omg I can't believe I forgot to post this deliciousness! For date night last week hubs and I decided to have a quiet night and cook together. We came up with a simple ground turkey Mexican dish with lots of spices {including habanero hot sauce 😳😷😜}, green peppers, onions, topped with this adorable little crunchy tortilla bowl!
•To make bowl place a wrap in a small Pyrex in the oven and keep an eye out as it hardens..take out and chill and stuff with fillings😄 SOOO GOOOD!
•Healthy subs: use sprouted grain wraps and Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream)

delish bowl



When people hear the word "Cleanse" they get all freaked out like they won't be able to ever eat again. Yea, totally been there done that and this is TOTALLY different...Who knew this whole "cleansing" could taste so good?Cellular Cleansing is where it's at!!!!


Spring has sprung and Summer is rounding the bend and I want to Welcome all the people excited to start their new journey with this easy to follow nutritional program that's changing so many lives!! 






Whose else is ready to hop on board for

a Spring Cleaning???? 

{Detox the Mind.Body.Soul.}
Here are some benefits to making the shift:
•Remove impurities and toxins
•Lose Weight
•Gain Muscle
•Better Performance
•De-stress, Reduce Anxiety
•Better Sleep
•Healthy Aging
•Be Happier and Grateful for your body☺️
•Create fun new ways to nourish your bod!
•Chance to get your Health for FREE and create a Life FULL of Passion and Freedom changing Lives!


{Clean Eats Recipe Pictured}
Tonight's menu was this incredible Apple Cider Vinegar Spinach Salad with Sprouted Grain Garlic Bread and Chicken Sausage with Quinoa…


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{ Easy Recipe Alert } Pasta Primavera

WOA..Ever have a bunch of leftover veggies that are screaming for attention? This recipe is not only a super savor for those need to get eaten veggies but is easy AND can also be modified to even be cleanser friendly! (high fives all around!) 

Cleanser friendly option: Use brown rice or Quinoa pasta, option to hold the cheese, and sub the cream sauce by just using EVOO and some red pepper flakes to spice things up!

OR-Save this to enjoy on a Fun Day! We ALL require those and can still have a super nutritious and delicious meal!! Who says healthy can't be Delish?! {Foodie at Heart}


My friend, Dana, had me over the other day for a play date! As our little one's played she was telling me how she has had such an incredible success with the Nutritional Cleansing system and has almost lost 50 lbs!!!!! Crazzzzy Awesome!!!! YOU GO GIRL! Anyhoo, since she began her new lifestyle she has gotten very creative in her kitchen and especially with one of her favorite things to do..Bake!! Well, this was a no brainer because it was no bake, no fuss FLOURLESS and made with..wait what??? Chickpeas??? She made this for us to go along side our clean decadent high antioxidant (and low acidic) coffee! Yea, you can say we have joined forces with the health nerds of new jersey (lol) but if healthy living tastes so good..WHY NOT!!!? And we are proud of it..AND we still LOVE to have our fun!!!! After a delicious Spinach Strawberry Feta Salad we dived right into these yummy treats!!!!! Her very big heart also donated the left overs to our non profit fundraiser for Family & Community Services of Somerset Bake Sale! So excited to share these to raise money and show people how delicious good food can truly be!

Here's the link to the recipe! Enjoy!!!! :)