Most Athletes will use this Undentured Whey Protein but anyone who WORKS OUT or is seeking MORE RESULTS in addition to the 30 day system can benefit!

You can use this ISAPRO to vary the shakes, Just do Half and half isaLean. That will give you 30 grams of protein per shake, but you will have less carbs and calories. Just be careful not to fall too low on that. Don't try to force faster results either, that is a bad habit. This program works with the body to help it to regain better health and wellness first. The physical benefits are the result of that. The body releases what it needs to. You are ok with the splitting of shakes, but it is not a necessary thing unless you are at a plateau and need to switch things up a bit. The belly buster at night is a good addition to your daily regimin, and adds a final meal to your day. Stay balanced throughout and you wil see great results!!



>>Adding in ISAPRO:
You have to adjust your meal timing when you workout. You want to include a protein source POST WORKOUT, so that may be one of your shakes. (i.e.:You can do a regular shake in the morning and the second shake post workout). But try for 5-6 small meals, including your shakes and snacks when you are training.

Reach out to me if you need more guidance for the Bed Time Belly Buster OR Seeking to switch up your lifestyle! :)