Healing with Mother Nature's Essentials

What Ails You?

Do you struggle with any of the following?

•ADHD/ Lack Focus / Attention
•Headaches / pain
•Mood swings / PMS / Menstrual pain
•Exhaustion / Tired
{to name a few}

🌿Mothers By Nature creates Custom Synergies by a Certified Aromatherapist 🤗 to help integrate into your daily routine and support your specific needs.. 

custom synergies

They each come with their own healing card to learn more about the properties inside!

All blended with intention for safe dilution to wear topically as a Massage or Roll on oil, Pure to diffuse and embrace their healing aromas, or in Mist for easy spritzing in your workspace..

🌿 @mothersbynature 

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