Mindful Moments

Self Love with the Essentials

Did you know massaging Essential Oils could be so healing?

Abhyaṅga is the anointing of the body with oil. When the oil is massaged it is beneficial for maintaining health and even used as a medicine for certain disorders. Abhyaṅga can be integrated into a daily routine to help soothe the Mind Body & Soul. 

The Sanskrit word Sneha means both “oil” and “love,” and the magic of abhyaṅga is very symbolic to the same effect of saturating yourself with love. Both experiences can give deep feelings of nurture, balance, warmth, stability, and comfort. 

Sneha–oil and love–passes through channels in the body and penetrates deep into layers of tissue for this divine absorption for its healing to take place... as always, embrace with intention to enhance your massage❤️@mothersbynature creates custom holistic synergies for your specific needs, such as this divine Detox massage oil.. find which remedy would be best for you and absorb its divine goodness into your daily practice😌🌿