Full Moon Creations...

Todays Vibes….. Sometimes you just need a moment to release and let go of all the nonsensical things to do and just be. I especially notice this when there is a full moon approaching. This was my way of venting out all the energy that was festering up inside (stress from the preparations of the holidays) and finding the stillness with my creative flow. Although I love them dearly, I decided to make these little gifts to my family to always be a constant reminder to Live.Breath.Blossom throughout our daily lives. Its truly the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing can mean more than a gift from the heart. Next time you may be blue. Grab a rock, paint it white, grab a sharpie and create your very own inspirational rocks!!! :)


"The Wellness Circle"

A place to come together and share experiences, to grow, and let go of that which no longer serves us. Building a fun, care-free, and caring community; open to learning more about ourself in all aspects, mind.body.soul. Life can be extremely busy, chaotic, distracting, and overwhelming. As a society we suffer from fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, guilt, fear, neglect, and negativity. This is a place to be free from that, to learn techniques and solutions, helpful healthy practical tips and tricks to use into our daily life, and to bring more balance and wellness into our lives. Join together with like minded people to create a bond..growing as we learn, share ideas, inspire each other, pay it forward, and support one another through this crazy beautiful journey. Each month we will host a "Wellness Circle" event, to take time to give back to ourselves and spread that wisdom to others. You deserve it. We deserve it. A place to dream, share unique experiences with perfectly good strangers and feel the connection of the universal divine, We are all one..Why not help each other while we are along for this incredible and magical ride of Life?


The Wellness Circle is a place to connect people in NJ who are interested in promoting their health and that of their families. Here we can share information and events related to health, wellness, healing, and the great outdoors. This is not a place to complain or vent but a sacred place of finding solutions for our problems, we do not encourage any banter or harmful comments. We keep a positive yet releasing way to keep the peace :)

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Many Blessings,

The Creators of The Wellness Circle~ Rachel Lee Cronin & Linda Lipp


*Stay tuned for more details for our first Wellness Circle: "Letting go, making space for the New Year, releasing all that does not serve us from the last".




Be the Energy You Want to Attract!

"People take on the nature and the habits and the Power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of symphony and harmony". (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill) In other words, find your circle of influence, those that see what you see and surround yourself with those that will help you to grow, create, and become the best version of you possible! Your vibe attracts your tribe!


Power Thought~

Power Thought of the Day~ I Deserve the Best and I Accept the Best NOW!

I am mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy a prosperous and loving life. It is my birth right to deserve all good. I claim my good.


~Louise Hay

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Lend a hand...

This is for those that are struggling to make it by, yet still live in gratitude for what's been given under the circumstances. Tonight I was able to share an experience to help others, with my friend Sarah, who are supported by the Pluckemin Church through IHN, helping families without a home to have a warm safe place to sleep. I had the honor of hearing one of the moms stories and it's so relatable because we all have in some way dealt with some kind of struggle. Sometimes we may feel disappointed or like life is not good enough, we compare ourselves to others situations rather than respect and honor where we are in the moment, some may justify "things" as making ourselves happy, we have that internal battle of wishing for something grander... It's great to have dreams and aspirations, believe me, I am always dreaming. But the reality of it all boils down to a few simple principles...embrace the present, live in gratitude and do things with love. Without these few things no one will ever operate from a giving place and without the gift of giving, no one will ever truly receive. Embrace your own personal struggle by giving a helping hand for those that really could use it...If you are having a rough holiday season, come from the place of selflessly giving and you will awaken to what truly matters deep down.