Centering thought for today:

"My inner vision wisely guides my actions"

Intuition comes alive when we listen deeply. Today sit in the stillness and quietly listen. Awaken and invite a powerful shift into your life…Whether it be for more peace, happiness, gratitude, patience, health, wealth, or love. Confusion begins to clear when we can see where we are going and discover our true purpose. It iseasier to make decisions when we have a comprehensive vision and goal—positive affirmations help us to envision our dreams. We must trust ourselves and the Universe. In meditation today align yourself with this ever-present source, lighting your path each step of the way…..

(inspired by Deepak Chopra)
When we meditate, we begin to still the mind. As we get more and more adept at moving into inner silence, we come to know the peace of God in our entire being. We intuitively seek union with our generating Source. Silence, or meditation, is the path to that center. We can make conscious contact with God, transcend the limitations of a dichotomous world, and regain the power that is only available to us when we’re connected to the Source. This is what I call getting in the gap. It’s where we create, manifest, heal, live, and perform at a miraculous level. The gap is the powerful silence we can access through meditation. By entering the elusive gap between our thoughts, we can access the stillness that may have been unattainable in other meditation attempts.
— Wayne Dyer