Self-love is vital


Self Love.. it is vital. Take care of YOU and THEN worry about the rest. Easier said then done right?!? Well, if we could only treat ourselves how we treat our jobs, cars, and our families. We have to shift priorities and yes that may be making some extra YOU time, and no it is NOT selfish. We can’t keep running on empty. And yet we do... we keep giving and giving in all directions to the point were we almost EXPLODE! But we somehow contain it all. Bottle it up. Til we eventually erupt and we FINALLY listen to that inner voice that’s been warning you all along. I can attest to this.. I am Human, I am a mom and work multiple businesses, I get it, time can get the best of me too and I can feel when the needle is churning and my inner tank is on “E”..when the light is on SCREAMING at me to wake (the F) up and to get on my mat, breathe, meditate, sit, read or take that vacation/retrea for JUST ME. Our intuition knows when we are running on empty. But it can take a moment to fill it back up each day.. Take that time for you. Nourish. Reflect. Be Present. And don’t wait til your tank runs completely low.. bc we can not give from an empty well. If you are seeking to truly fill up and replenish, Join me for a weekend of nourishment to recharge our batteries. A Home away from home @inn_at_laurita for our Fall Retreat Nov1-3☺️🙏🏻✨#selflove