Show up in the World

Chakra Healing

Through our Energy Centers is how we show up in the World. Is your energy feeling a little low these winter months? Do you sometimes feel a little our of balance? Are you feeling like you need better communication with a loved one? Is your heart feeling a little closed off? Yoga serves in healing and opening all these channels to open and awaken to our fullest potential...How do you show up in the World? Open your Chakra's and show the World you magic....


Pratyahara | Turn Inward

Are you seeking more balance in your life? Aren't we all? Life is not always easy but it can be less stressful, more free, and fulfilling when you find your inner peace and stillness with pratyahara, withdrawing your senses inward. It begins on your mat and allows it to radiate out into the World, into our busy chaotic beautiful world we create to bring us that the inner light within and shine bright each and every day.

Namaste loveblossoms

Chill out and Sit!

Sit. Such a simple act yet we don't take it so literally. If we are sitting, we are usually doing another something ..eating..talking..reading.. ugh. We have been programmed to multitask (and believe me, I can be a pro at this!) But Imagine taking some time out for you to tune in and focus on your awareness of just, well, sitting. To be still, without any other distraction, and literally sit the stress away. And of course this is a great excuse to just "be" while it doesn't hurt to reap all the super awesome benefits from meditating while you're at it!

 "Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide. Meditating on your own requires some effort, while guided meditations literally walk you through a meditation and help you find a calm and peaceful state—one step at a time."

Whether you are a beginner or meditate daily, it always helps to have someone guide you along your peaceful journey with an intention...

Take some time to reflect, relax, and embrace your stillness with these guided meditations focused on healing, gratitude, letting go, and awakening….

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Release the ish…..

We tend to carry a lot of, pardon my french, "shit" in our hips...stress, past grievances, guilt, shame, worry...all of this energy gets built up and repressed into this area...Opening up your hips is a very sacred and challenging (emotional) practice (believe me, I can attest to this!) Here are some great hip openers to let go of that, well, shit!!

Relax + Reduce the Stress!

Finding balance can be so challenging sometimes..some days fly by and we forgot to even take a moment for ourselves. If you feel like these little guys in the upper right hand corner, it's crucial that you make take time to focus on a few simple things that genuinely bring peace into your day. Simply putting on my essential oils or having a chai tea can help remind me to rebalance and refocus for the day. Life should not be so stressed…Relax and Let go….Deep breaths…………….

Sometimes we need a little help to fav is putting some adaptogens into my Life! Did you know they help to reduce stress and fatigue!!? The best part is it makes my favorite shake taste like a Vanilla Chai Smoothie!

Learn more about how AMAZING nature's miracle anti-stress and fatigue fighters work! 

Mindful Tip of the Day

Sometimes our minds can tell us things we don't want to "I can't"..or "I'm not good enough"…Clear your mind of the negativity and allow for only good thoughts to filter through…Science has proven that what you want to attract is from deep within your subconscious mind. So focusing on the bad will only create more chaos and negativity. The more you remind yourself of all the good is in your life…you can make room for all the good that is about to come. So shut out all the unnecessary thoughts and bow to your heart in gratitude for being you. We were all brought here in this body for a purpose so honor your talents and skills and embrace them passionately. Remember we are only human, we make mistakes and heal, which only makes us stronger, just make sure there is always make room for growth to become the best you possible.