The Wellness Circle

Count your Blessings


I’m a worrier. I don’t know if it was in my genes or I was raised to be (Nature vs Nurture ? I will never truly know..) but it has debilitated me to think awful thoughts and make poor choices.. Over time, I have trained myself to focus on the positive, the gifts I’m blessed with-it’s not hard when things are going all dandy, but throw in those dreary moments and all that hard work goes to sh*t..I try my hardest not to focus on the bad or wrong. I try to see the good in all, what went right, but we are human and all of us experience those human moments where we explode, vent, cry, scream, and shame ourselves for all the mistakes, the could’ve’s and would’ve’s, the how come’s..... It happens and you are forgiven, it’s normal to feel this way. But it doesn’t truly help you find the solution you are seeking.. so, if you are anything like me, I encourage you to count your blessings. Think about all the good you have been given.. even down to the smallest thing, and those worries do start to melt away, you realize in the grand scheme of things they are silly or not worth worrying in the first place. When I pray, meditate, practice yoga I begin to separate my human self away and awaken to a deeper understanding of life. All is as is meant to, so what’s the point in worrying? 


End of Suffering..

This couldn’t have appeared at a more perfect time..
Deepak’s Chopra’s message for Day 22 Meditation– The End of Suffering

“Today’s meditation shows us that the spiritual journey into the heart of awareness, the present moment, is not an idle, impractical indulgence. Realizing our true nature as ever-present awareness is how we attain our full human potential. In reclaiming our timeless essence, we release ourselves from the bonds to our past and future. Those bonds are what keep us in separation, fear, and suffering. As we step into the here and now, we heal our past and come to the end of suffering.”


Our centering thought for today is:
“My vision of healing is the end of suffering.”

Meet some of my besties

Wellness Wednesday goes out to some of my favs… Essential oils have healing powers! What's your favorite eo? Connect with me! I want to hear whats healing your home from the inside out!

Be the One

Do you ever feel trapped in a cage just wishing and hoping to break free? Sometimes we allow ourselves to bottle up inside without exploring our true nature. Give yourself permission to be the one to break free from old patterns. Try new things, create new goals, experience life to its fullest, dive into exploration of self development. You are the only one that has the power to shift and grow to your fullest potential. 

Dream | Create | Explore | FlyFree my friends.....


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Change Your Perspective

Change your Thinking

We are all created of a Universal Energy. 
Energy is in all things, our entire existence consists of the Life force energy {Prana}. 
It is energy that gives life to our entire existence. While our organs and physical body keep us up and running, it is our energy that gives us Life. "Where your focus goes, you energy flows". Shift your perspective and you will watch your thoughts and actions begin to follow the awareness in your true spirit of being, the deep seat of our divine wisdom, shift your consciousness.

{Today is Raining} 

Instead of focusing on the rain being dreary and gloomy, focus on the manifestation beneath the ground as the rain purifies and nourishes the Earth, creating Life for Spring to grow!




This mornings practice was connecting and directing our awareness to opening our hearts and consciousness with the intention of practicing, the Yama, Brahmacharya. The principle of focusing our attention on moderation and letting go. Sometimes we load up our days with things to do, living to eat, living to work, stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and chaos. Take a deep breath and redirect your energyto finding your balance in all of Life. Change your mindset, begin to shift your awareness to be in control, eat to LIVE, work and serve to LIVE, find the stillness that LIFE has to offer and let go, trust in the invisible Universal Divine that all is as it should be.