This mornings practice was connecting and directing our awareness to opening our hearts and consciousness with the intention of practicing, the Yama, Brahmacharya. The principle of focusing our attention on moderation and letting go. Sometimes we load up our days with things to do, living to eat, living to work, stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and chaos. Take a deep breath and redirect your energyto finding your balance in all of Life. Change your mindset, begin to shift your awareness to be in control, eat to LIVE, work and serve to LIVE, find the stillness that LIFE has to offer and let go, trust in the invisible Universal Divine that all is as it should be.


Connect to Your True Essence

It can be easy to allow life to overwhelm you, like you are just going through the motions feeling helpless and BOOM! Tension is everywhere, you forget to breath. Stress takes ahold of you. You snap at those you love out of discontent. Sound way too familiar? Fully take the time to be present in each moment and movement in your Life. Don't just go through the motions. Embrace them. Just as I find the fluidity and balance on my mat, I also make a conscious effort to do so off my mat.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of Yoga as Yoga teaches you how to connect back to your true essence, creating awareness mind|body|soul. Nourish your body with healing foods. Find your breath throughout your transitions in life. Release what no longer serves you. 

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Healthy Mind and Body

I am so excited to announce that there is now an accountability program developed specifically for those that I work with through their transformation journey. By following this 60 Day Challenge you will dive deep into reprogramming your mind and body to become the best YOU possible! I am currently on day 4 and so excited for a new way to release old programming, old habits of deception, and bring awareness to what I truly want to accomplish in my life. 

This program helps to support and condition your:








With daily reminders and creating new daily habits you are obligated to focus on what you are doing or, better yet, not doing…This will inevitably push you above and beyond to start making a change! I understand that committing to something new can be challenging, we all live in a place of fear and want to feel comfortable, safe, retreat back to what feels ok for us, but is ok or not so good how we are intended to feel?? Imagine being able to teach the neuro-pathways in your brain to function on a different level, to retrain your unconscious to make better decisions because of the daily consistent habit you create now. I personally have felt such a shift since I began my healthy new lifestyle, creating affirmations, manifestations, putting it out there on paper, declaring it to the World and made the commitment to take action! I do not believe that "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", when you want something bad enough you have the ability to make the shift. So, along with the support from a personal coach along your healthy lifestyle journey, private support groups with free recipes and motivation, you are now given ANOTHER vehicle to really hold YOURSELF accountable to make the change, be more in tune with your vision to create the results you are seeking... and to sustain it FOR GOOD! Seriously? It can't get any easier for you to decide. commit. and create a life filled with energy, abundance, light, love, wealth, vitality, and health!

….Remember that only YOU will create the results you are seeking..YOU MAKE YOU. YOU ARE THE ONE to make the choice. YOU HAVE THE POWER to manifest what you want into your life! YOU CAN TAKE ACTION and MAKE THE CHANGE! YOU DESERVE IT! 


Here's a look into my Day 3 "MindSet" section…. Raw and honest, I share this with you because I truly believe that when you put something detailed in writing and really think about your intention, you are more likely to accomplish, manifest, and breakthrough….

To learn more about this incredible program click on link below..If this sounds like your cup of tea! Please click on "About" link for a FREE Consultation to better serve your goals and dreams…

Many Blessings!