Rachel Lee Cronin has been a student of Yoga for over a decade, this way of living especially helped throughout college, through both of her pregnancies, and transition into motherhood.

Rachel’s younger years of trying to “find herself,” gave her the opportunity to explore, not just the physical practice, but allowed her to open her eyes to the philosophy, principles, and teachings of Yoga. Always fascinated with the mind and human development, Rachel graduated with a Psychology degree at William Paterson University. Her love for the deep mind.body connection for Integrative Healing captivated her and realigned her vision to help others tap into this, as well.  She decided it was time to share her love and wisdom she has gained along her journey of expanding her passion to help others, through mindfulness, yogic practice, meditation, tuning into our own unique energy, and purifying ourselves, as we trust in our natural ability to heal.

Rachel is a RYT200-Registered Yoga Teacher with a 200 hour Certification with Trepta Yoga consisting of intensive Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic Philosophy, Ayurveda, and Teaching Methodology. Her creative and healing nature inspires others physically, mentally, and spiritually by organically threading the true art of Yoga into each practice.

In addition to this she has extended her services becoming a Reiki Practitioner, through Insight Holistic Health, to enhance the gift of connecting Source to others.

Rachel is also a Certified Aromatherapist through New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. Being a natural creator, she was inspired to design her own line of Reiki Infused Aromatherapy, blending delicious unique synergies specially designed with Positive Affirmations to encourage a divine experience. She shares her “oil love” with her students, wellness retreaters, and workshop attendees. You can find her Essential Oil Line, Mothers By Nature, in local studios, healing centers, and MBN website.

She aspires to share her Integrative Healing Services to be able to touch upon even more Souls and help them tap into their greatness, purifying on many levels to heal from within, find stillness, and attain towards enlightenment- that lies deep within each and every one of us.

Rachel opens up the doors for you to explore not only your body but to open your heart, awaken your consciousness, and blossom to your fullest potential. - Sat Nam - Namaste -

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Beyond the “Bio”……

Who am I? Well, Let's see..where to begin…I am definitely not one to dillydally around, I am very passionate in living Life to the fullest and embrace all the things I love! I'm what you would call an “Over Achiever”, which I am realizing is not a problem. When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like “work”.  I am blessed to be able to share my many passions for healing ( I am definitely a Yoga and Prana Junkie!) and am creating, concocting, painting, and expressing my inner child with whatever I can get my hands on, mixed media, acrylics, facepainting, writing, blending essential oil synergies! I am also a Wellness enthusiast and RYT200 (which is a fancy way of saying I'm a certified Yoga Teacher), indulging in a delicious Meditation and Yoga practice almost daily (even if kids are hanging off of me I make sure to get it in). I indulge in sharing Divine energy, as a Reiki Healer, and Heal with Mother Nature’s Essentials as an Aromatherapist. These are all very important aspects of my Life, so I make it a priorty to create a balanced and creative lifestyle. You can read more below about my individual stories as a I manifested into all these “labels,” but to me it’s my LOVE for all these passions that has grown over time and allowed me to truly Blossom!

  My mantra…

“Your mind is everything, what you think you become”
— Buddha

Inspiring People is my Jam...

I am honored to be able to help people through an integrated approach to see a future they never thought possible, turning dreams into reality through inspiration, manifestation, health and wealth creation; Spiritually healing from a habitual past that no longer serves them, while cleansing the mind.body.soul from the inside out. I am passionate about helping others transform their lives and watching people blossom into their best and highest self...fulfilling our lives in complete wellness and harmony, amongst the beautiful chaos~ Mind Body and Soul!



I was always a free spirit. Always aiming to serve and help others..whether it be entertaining, when I was performing on stage in high school, sketching funny doodles to friends in class, or listening to peoples problems behind the bar.  Yup, I am a retired bartender, of 9 years *ironically* I intoxicated people, while I studied Psychology at WPU. My studies really went hand in hand with the industry since most of my customers were my “patients”...listening and encouraging them through their daily struggles as I poured them another martini! {lol} Little did I know my service could expand in much more positive ways!

 I find humans ridiculously fascinating...

 What we are truly capable of... learning, creating, growing, and becoming…

We live in a Universe where the possibilities are endless, when we put our focus and attention on what we choose to manifest into our Life. 

Being a SAHM <Yes they have an acronym for us Stay at Home Moms> has been the biggest challenge but the greatest gift I could ever have been given. Lots of serious Life lessons were learned as I grew into this role. This is my WHY, what keeps me driven to create and attract more, and I am so grateful I am given the opportunity to be able to stay at home with my girls and be there for all of their firsts. But.. I am a women with many passions and desires to express and I cannot help but fulfill all of them as I embrace motherhood. This blog is broken down into sections to fill your "SOULCUP" with inspiration, motivation, and helpful tips to allow you to Blossom in each area of your Life…  

Eh, hem >>hence the name<<   :)


I grew up on peanut butter and fluff on white Wonder bread and Cup of Noodles…you read that right. I was not necessarily raised to be a healthy eater. It took a lot of time and effort on my behalf to learn how to change my ways. It took time to find what worked to commit to a healthier lifestyle for my overall wellbeing.

I have been working out since I was 15 years old. I combined the proper nutrition and workout regimes but I would be in the gym AT LEAST an hour a day to keep my body in shape! I learned so much over time about fitness and training. But I still always had that problem area <my gut> Especially after having children! And it doesn’t get any easier to find all that time to work out as much as I was.... I remember one time in yoga class, as I was in my cat/cow pose, the yoga teacher asking me if I was pregnant (in her silent sign language for “bump”). It took everything for me not to walk out of that class in disappointment and anger...but after <<a few deep breaths in forgiveness>> I successfully finished that class, which actually ended up being one of the best yoga classes I ever took >> (minus the insult lol). I realize that people have good intentions but they don't necessarily always have the best way of going about doing things. It was just very frustrating that I worked so hard to stay in shape and I still could not seem to find the solution to my problem area. I realized that no matter how many calories I counted and how good I thought I ate, I just wasn't getting enough proper nutrients. I began diving into research after I was introduced to nutritional products…What I found was that food is deprived of the nutrients and our ancestors ancestors had much cleaner food supply than in today's World. This toxic build up in our bodies is fighting to break free and I was in need of a serious detox! Finding the right balance between activity, intermittent fasting, and good clean nutrition is vital when balancing the body. After my 2nd pregnancy, I was blessed to discover a Nutrtional Cleansing Program that CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. Cleansing allowed me to release the impurities in my body, where much of my fat was stored, while bringing more awareness to focusing on the nutritional properties to aide the body. I had my baby early December, and started the Nutritional regimen in the end of February, I began with a modified program for nursing mothers, and by the beginning of April I was back to my pre-preggo weight. To this day I released and maintained over 20lbs, feeling lighter, and fitting into my clothes from highschool!!! Not too shabby for a mom of two! But I always say that the weightloss is just an added bonus>> My problem was that I was SOO ridiculously tired ALL of the time and after this holistic cleansing program I was filled with TONS OF ENERGY (even with the sleep deprivation)! Even better news? It became a ripple effect and SO many people wanted to know my “Secret” …Little did they know that this was a holistic alternative to heal themselves from the inside out. So..Here I am helping people to feel the incredible way I do while showing them how to get the results THEY are seeking to achieve as it led me to my true passion of teaching Yoga. It was a no brainer since my heart and passion is to naturally inspire others! It’s been a natural extension of my Integrative Path…. The perfect Universe Law of balance~giving and receiving.

You can visit my “Healthy Living” page that’s filled with healthy tips, recipes, ESSENTIALS, and testimonials on how it’s changed other peoples lives too!


mothers by nature

It's always been a dream of mine for years to help share the gift of Essential Oils for the price people deserve. I have officially launched and developed my own Essential Oil line, Mother's By Nature, in 2017. The seed was planted many years before that, when I first began my healing journey to help cleanse myself from some of the symptoms I dealt with when I was little, migraines are NO JOKE! I knew it was going to be a slow process but I was ready to ease my way into learning and growing along side my business. In 2018, I became a Certified Aromatherapist at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.

I have pinch me moments that this is my very own line to share with the World! I am so grateful to share this vision of sharing high quality essential oils that's affordable for all households, creators, and healers. We were struggling to make ends meet, let alone pamper myself with overpriced eo's, so it's always been my dream to bring the essential's from Mother Nature for ALL to embrace. It’s a family business, I am fortunate to have connected with a trusted direct manufacturer and distributor that does all the quality control and testing, making sure each essential oil is in it's purest form, and distributes to some big name companies. I work as a second party source cutting out the middle man to make sure we have these essentials accessbile to everyone! My passion is to keep integrating all these ancient modalities and sharing this divine gift of Healing Through Mother Nature's Essentials! Stay connected for upcoming events where you can be your own creator and visit The Shop for your Essentials!


I have been meditating for over a decade. When I first began, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing at the time, but what I did know was that it made me feel FREE! I continued my practice and gained more knowledge...reading and practicing.. Divinely meeting the right people at the right time to answer my questions and guide me. The more you silence your mind...the clearer your mind becomes. The clearer your mind becomes, the more Life works in magical ways to allow you to tune in an Listen. I get that life gets busy but there are always a few minutes in the day to value your true inner being.

Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.

Along with meditation I began my journey in Yoga. I continued my practice throughout both of my pregnancies and am grateful to integrate it within my everyday grind of motherhood and work (the teacher is always the student). My devotion to Yoga has evolved over time, when once a very personal journey, I now see it as such a beautiful gift which everyone should be blessed with. I am a RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) completing my Yoga Teacher Training @ Trepta Studio, studying amongst Erica Jung & Michelle Schuler. I highly encourage EVERYONE to indulge in a YTT, not just to teach but to absorb into their own personal journies.

My YTT consisted of a magical 200 hours of intensive training in Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Theoretical and Applied Yogi Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching Methodology, Ayurveda, + Professional Ethics and Practices. I can't wait to continue and get my 500 hour when the girls get older! I feel like I just touched the surface...

artist unknown

artist unknown


In addition to this I have extended my healing by becoming a Reiki Practitioner, through Insight Holistic Health with Beth Wishbow, to enhance the gift of connecting source to others. All my essential oils are infused with Reiki, Love, and Positive Affirmations (basically some seriously high vibrations). I have opened my eyes to so many new principles and ways to incorporate these techniques into my own daily Life. Through my teachings, I aspire to share my Integrative Healing Services to be able to touch upon even more souls and help them tap into their greatness, purify their bodies + thoughts, heal from within, find stillness, and attain towards enlightenment that lies deep within each and every one of us. - Sat Nam - Namaste -


You can visit my “Mind + Body” section to delve into that realm! There are simple guided meditations, AFFIRMATIONS, and tips for Yoga to get you started or further your own practice.


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Ever since I was a young girl, I have always had a passion for art. Art is incredibly therapeutic for the MIND.BODY.SOUL. It was my vice growing up to release any negativity and allow the channels to flow freely through my pencil onto paper. It's been a dream of mine to share this passion with others, Art Therapy is something I find to be essential to be apart of your Life too.  It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I began using a paintbrush. I became fearless>> I painted my first mural in my daughters nursery! It was an absolute Proud Mommy Moment to watch her fill up with light as she looked up at the tree I had painted for her. I knew that I wanted to share this joy with others and to encourage other children to indulge in creativity and expand in their own imagination.

Never be afraid to express your true Nature.
— R.Lee


Visit my “Artsi” section to see some of my creative flow...




Along side this creative flow was my journaling. I believe it is important to let go of any thoughts you are harboring inside your mind, to clear and make space for the next round of thoughts.

Embrace your words and live by them.

Your Word is Your Law.


Visit “Words” for my favorite journal entries, inspiration FOR ABUNDANCE, AFFIRMATIONS, AND Quotes by my favorite mentors.

It’s ok to break through barriers and take different paths...It can’t hurt to try..Life is intended to be a learning experience to grow, create, and find what truly makes you feel fulfilled!


As you can see I have taken plenty of paths that have led me to my ultimate VISION…   helping others to fulfill their owN JOURNEY, while I embrace mine!


Please share this blog with your loved ones... my intention is to help make other people feel ALIVE in all aspects of their life through health, spiritual living, mind + body renewal, motivation, inspiration and self expression. Developing a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively is essential to our existence.



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