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The Wellness Circle Presents | DeStress + DeClutter | Spring Cleaning the Soul

 Want to gain more Wellness, Balance, and Less Stress? In honor of Stress Awareness Month we will be having an incredible evening April 14th @8pm @ Trepta Yoga, hosted by yours truly, Linda Lipp and Samantha Caponetti De Cou. We will learn about tips on how to DE-STRESS + DE-CLUTTER. We will explore our stress levels today and how we can improve them. Allowing ourselves to connect peace within the chaos, find balance in order, embrace stillness, and learn about some incredible ways to incorporate natural remedies into our lives. This will be different from the last one because Samantha will be bringing some of her favorites to sample, display, and experience, including a mini-facial!!! Very excited to share another wonderful evening with you.

As always, this even is limited to 15pp so please RSVP as soon as possible. *This is a  donation based event. The donation this time will be given by Samantha Caponetti De Cou for presenting her incredible line of healing products, we thank you for your generous donation and for sharing your secrets and time with us!

~ So bring yourselves and an open heart as we gain wisdom on some natural remedies to de-stress and de-clutter making space for spring!

Just sending out massive love to The Wellness Circle for sharing in this amazing event, @ Trepta Yoga Studio, focusing on de-stressing and de-cluttering to make space for Spring β€’Mind | Body | Soul β€’ πŸ™πŸŒΏπŸ˜Œ
Big thanks to Sam for your generous donation to support a local non-profit and sharing some of your favorites to release, relax, and unwind!