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"Unwined" for our Wellness Weekend for the perfect getaway! These trips are always a whole lot of fun gathering with like minded people and a great way to refresh and renew. Daily yoga infused with Reiki and Aromatherapy, Fitness for all levels, and of course a taste of Wine at the Winery! Enjoy time for yourself by a cozy fire or indulge in all the many activities and accommodations. 

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8:00 PM20:00

The Wellness Circle Presents "Love Thyself" + "Share the Love"

Love Yourself

Join us Thursday February 25th for "Love Thyself" & "Share the Love" Bake Exchange
...Focusing on the theme of Love in honor of Valentine's Day..
Loving thyself, having Gratitude for YOU and Sharing the Love with others by creating delicious and nutritious treats to enjoy together (and bring home to enjoy too!). This will be an incredible experience to open up our hearts and receive. Diminishing those insecurities, fear, or doubts by filling those places of void we may have with an awareness of love and gratitude. 🙏

What to Bring:

-An open mind and open heart
-Bring a journal and pen (maybe treat yourself to a special one for future journaling of gratitude for thyself and to look back upon)
-Your favorite delicious nutritious treats to Share the Love~
As I learned in my yoga teacher training, having and awareness while you cook can be uplifting not only for the creator but also for those receiving, all of life consists of energy and you have the power within to be mindful as you create your goodies, pour love into each ingredient knowing you are doing something special for another, oh and please make enough for the whole group to share. (we will limit this event to 15pp) 
-Bring a container to bring home your delicious treats from The Wellness Circle

All events are *donation based to help support local non-profits* 
We ask you to give a minimum of $5-10. The Law of the Universe~ when you give you shall receive.

Please RSVP* Limiting this event to 15pp and spot fill up fast!

Rachel Lee Cronin | 201-739-7974 |

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Before we enter the New Year….Join me at 7am to positively transform our planet, find a special quiet place, in your own special sanctuary of peace, and meditate along with the World for this special day….

"At noon Greenwich time, December 31, 1986, men, women, and children around the world gather to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in the history– a planetary affirmation of peace, and love, forgiveness and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global mind link. the purpose: to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.

World Healing Day, the World Instant of Cooperation, World Peace Day– a moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation and return human kind to Godkind. World Healing Day (or the International Hour for Peace) helps simultaneous global linking of minds takes as its basis the principle of quantum physics that thought can direct energy, creating reality. Meditating on peace can create peace :)

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