I'm Curious, What's Your Answer?

…. This is such a powerful Question. How would you respond?

Unfortunately, most people I speak to answer this with a firm... "Absolutley not!", they envision living out their dreams, not forcing a paycheck or living the daily grind. Most people work a job they are unhappy working just to make a living, to put food on the table and pay bills, do what's required of them because of the "norm" of what we, as a society, have accepted as our reality. My family and I have been there, we have experienced and worked from this place of struggle. I would constantly ask myself, is this a Life to truly Live? This strikes such a cord within me because we were literally just trying"to make it by". I still come from a place of humble gratitude for the many blessings along our journey to have the simplest things in our life. Those "jobs" provided us comfort, food in our bellies, and clothes on our back. I decided that this was not the life I was intended though, that there was more and our World is so Abundant that it would not be selfish to want what my heart truly desired. Most people would like to travel, spend more time with their family, and help others, give back more. Truly imagine what life would be like if money were not an object? What would you be doing with your time? How would you spend your day? When I ask this question, people go silent. They never actually took the time to think about the fact that this could actually become a reality. 

 What if you could do all of those things you envision and design the life you have always dreamed of?? It's possible, because YOU are possible! Imagine finding a way that gives you and your family the freedom to do what you are truly passionate about and showing others that there is another way too. I can tell you that this exists because I am living proof. Each day I have pinch me moments, I am able to spend time with my loved one's, build a business I am passionate about, stay home with my children, help others feel and look their best, show people another way to live life full of passion and desire, dive into my absolute favorite endeavors such as painting, blogging, journaling, meditation, and yoga, give back to my community philanthropically, all while traveling and feeling so beyond blessed for this beautiful life. I think the best part about all of this is that I am able to pay it forward and build a team of like minded people that share a similar vision, surrounding each other with uplifting inspiration and constant support as we are on this journey together catching our dreams (hence the team name dreamcatchers!)…What if you too could find a way to answer this question above with a confident and bold YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! When you fall in love with who you are and what you do, you will blossom to your fullest potential! 

Find what you LOVE and DO IT!