Sunday Night SHOUT OUT goes to all the Leaders out there, turning manifestations into realizations, hitting milestones, creating new vision boards because they are constantly seeking to expand and grow further. Here's to those that don't believe in the status quo. Those that are told they might not succeed because they are "dreamers". Those that decide to make a change and continue down the path less travelled, even if it's a little scary and you're not sure where it will lead you. Here's to those that lead from the heart, understand life's magical abundance, and attracting that which they are seeking. Here's to spreading your light and showing others what's possible! Not all life has to be an endless struggle…It just takes a dream, faith, commitment, determination, and patience to achieve what some may say is unattainable. Be the Change, Be the One.

"The thing that most distinguish those who succeed in becoming Enlightened from those who do not... is "patience".

How many of you are living the lives you're intended to live? If you want to make a difference, if you want to be of service and help others, and are seeking strategies for success…I am mentoring only a select few qualified <happy, coachable, health conscious and positive> souls coming this New Year as we expand our tribe of dreamers. Spread Your Light and Keep on Shining Bright!!!!!!!!!