I live comfortably. I eat til my belly is full. I bathe in clean water. I sleep comfortably, next to my husband each night, whom I still love as much as the first days we fell. I have more clothes than I could ever need. More drink than I could ever drink. I have travelled and stepped foot upon many lands. I am well educated and because of my knowledge I seek for more. I am one with the Universe, I have found my quiet place within, I Believe. I have been hurt and become stronger. I have found my passion and express it regularly. I have a strong connection with people. I am blessed with many friends and most importantly a healthy supportive family. My biggest gift of all is sent from only the Divine, to Create Life! To nuture and care for that being to grow. To feel that miracle inside me, made with pure love, and to watch it be brought into this world, to develop into its own being. Words cannot express such a blessing. And I not only got to experience this just once, but another beautiful little miracle is brewing this very moment! When I feel those tiny kicks I am reminded of my many many blessings.....


Journal entry: August 5, 2013