I dedicate this to my grandmother. It explains the beauty of life and death and how everything has purpose. My grandmother, like a tree for a leaf, has given me purpose to succeed and appreciate all that I have been blessed with. Especially the little things we take for granted. She ages gracefully from the inside out, like a beautiful leaf, I love her with all of my heart.



As each leaf touches the ground off the branch on which it came

An awareness comes over me for the appreciation of Nature and the beauty surrounding us.

How each leaf has a distinctive characteristic trait to identify itself from the rest.

And how they must eventually accept their fate and forfeit what they once called home during the spring and summer months.

Changing a numerous amount of beautiful colors representing death in its most glamorous indescribable way.

Decomposing into what our Earth considers its foundation for life itself on which we walk upon, without thoughtful admiration.

Trees extracting toxins from within its trunk toward its branches in order for this inevitable process to succeed.

Eventually recycling itself back into another living specimen below our feet.

Giving life to all that surrounds its beauty.

And knowing that each exhalation is giving life to these respectful creatures.

While each inhalation we breathe in the essence of life itself.