As we approach the New Year, let go of the thoughts that belittle your abundance. Make space for you to embrace all the health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity you deserve!!! May sound a little cliche but it's so true, we are responsible for what we are given. As I randomly opened my "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind", given to me as a gift by my dear best friends (and business partners) for one of my rank advancements in our company (YIPPEEE!), I stumbled upon a chapter that was targeted towards blocking our ability to receive. Some of us may be really good at giving but we forget the most important collateral which is to also be really good at receiving. Imagine someone that only was to give all the time, eventually that persons well would dry out!

Our Universe is designed for the Yin and the Yang, without one or the other it would not work. And we are the one's that have the lack thinking mind that can keep us stuck, without us even realizing it! Think about it, we are energy surrounded by a bunch of energy. If we resist, thinking "Poor me, I will never be rich." Then YEA!!! YOU manifested money to not be attracted to you! If you have an attitude of "Poor me, I will never have friends, I could never get that person to like me", then you have already put that energy out into the Universe to inhibit you from opening up those people into your field of potential energy! Is this making sense?

Obviously, there are other factors at play, like how hard you are willing to put your energy into something to truly make it manifest. But if you devote yourself and your time to attracting what you desire, your energy over time will get stronger to making that vision into a reality! Ps. That chapter I so randomly opened up to was on page 111. Yup, I think the Angels are trying to tell me something. {click button below if you haven't hear of angel numbers} "STOP IT WITH THE LACK RACHEL! Stop being so darn humble and open your mind up for what's possible. How many lives can you touch?!" Money is simply a facade, it is energy flowing through the air with the power to give and receive (even more so with the electronically transactions no a days!) Even Albert agrees we have the power to attract that into our stream of consciousness!

So let's open our doors, open our minds, and DREAM BIG! What if you could attract more health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity? How would that make you feel? What would you do with your new found reality?


Manifestation of the New Year

If you could ask the Universe for anything...What would you fill this check out for? 


Words to Live By

This book has changed my entire perspective…If you are seeking to develop your awareness at a grander level I highly recommend "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz 


My family and I hold up four fingers now anytime one of us is taking something personally or making an assumption, it's our sign to come back to our center and give ourselves a reality check and start becoming impeccable with our word (COMMUNICATION IS KEY!) and to always do our best! This doesn't ALWAYS work but holding the four fingers up is a reminder of the awareness in that given circumstance to check ourself!

The Four Agreements

Knowledge is Power

…and now for a little afternoon snuggle fest with my book "The Diamond Cutter"...The Buddha on Managing your Life and Business...totally screams my name!

Finally getting to the "juicy" golden nuggets!!


What is your favorite inspirational, motivational, spiritual, or self empowering book?

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Sunday Night SHOUT OUT goes to all the Leaders out there, turning manifestations into realizations, hitting milestones, creating new vision boards because they are constantly seeking to expand and grow further. Here's to those that don't believe in the status quo. Those that are told they might not succeed because they are "dreamers". Those that decide to make a change and continue down the path less travelled, even if it's a little scary and you're not sure where it will lead you. Here's to those that lead from the heart, understand life's magical abundance, and attracting that which they are seeking. Here's to spreading your light and showing others what's possible! Not all life has to be an endless struggle…It just takes a dream, faith, commitment, determination, and patience to achieve what some may say is unattainable. Be the Change, Be the One.

"The thing that most distinguish those who succeed in becoming Enlightened from those who do not... is "patience".

How many of you are living the lives you're intended to live? If you want to make a difference, if you want to be of service and help others, and are seeking strategies for success…I am mentoring only a select few qualified <happy, coachable, health conscious and positive> souls coming this New Year as we expand our tribe of dreamers. Spread Your Light and Keep on Shining Bright!!!!!!!!!


Woke up this am with so much to celebrate, Sky and B (thanks to grandma) surprised me with this beautiful and thoughtful gift


This necklace represents, The Sound of peace, "Om"...its very symbolic, with many meanings, a mystical mantra used during meditation, opening up the 3rd eye, Ajna Chakra, representing the Cycle of Life (beginning, middle, end, and beyond-transitioning). Always a reminder that Life is impermanent and we must live in the here and now, embrace this moment, find your breath when times get hard, and embrace your Dharma (souls mission) here on Earth. Never give up on what makes you happy. My heart is beaming light and filled with some serious gratitude for all the blessings along this journey of Life.

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